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Zolf J. Kimbly
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This Journal will also be used as a Joint Journal for a Zoofic Kimbly Character as well. Just an FYI to all. Thank you.

My name is Zolf J. Kimbly--no more, no less. The middle name is none of your fucking concern. I grew up in South-Eastern Amestris, where it's kinda woodsy, kinda sandy. Uneventful childhood, got a decent education then left for basic training to enter the miltiary academy. Passed, so on, so forth, yadda, yadda, became a state alchemist, specializing in explosives. Went into the Ishbalan war with the rank of major, and blew the natives up--it was pretty fun...

Got locked up for offing a few superior officers who didn't agree with me and broke out a few years later when the Fullmetal kid blew a hole the size of East City in the prison I was in. Frank dropped a bit of persuasion and picked me up, getting me back into the military soon after. So until I get a place of my own, I get to live in Frank's house and mooch off his refrigerator and hot water.

Life is good.

Zolf J. Kimbly is a destruction loving alchemist, who utilizes the arrays tattooed upon the palms of his hands. He is an explosives expert and with his arrays, he can--with a touch, rearrange the atomic structure of an object, be it inanimate or organic. And with this restructuring, he can shift the elements of an object to such a degree that the most volitile come in contact with one another...it makes for a beautiful explosion. He also enjoys Lucky Charms breakfast cereal and cheap beer, takes impossibly long showers, and enjoys seeing Archer on his knees--but he'll never tell you that.

(please mister LJ police. don't kill me over my interests box. this is a role-play account. it just so happens that i landed the role of the sociopath. i do not, and will not ever condone any of the acts mentioned in my interests box--except liking lucky charms breakfast cereal...and uke roy. i'll pimp that stuff until the day i die.)

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