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Zolf J. Kimbly
10 September 2006 @ 06:20 pm
Alright, this time around, i'll try and sound a bit more intelligent about what's going on.


DAY 2 1100 HOURS
we were trucked back out into the middle of buttfuck-nowhere--not the same as yesterday, but it's close. they ask us to pair off with whoever we chose yesterday--and so what if we were a little late? i was busy having the most intelligent fucking conversation i'd had in years. if i'm up until past four am, i think i should be allowed to sleep in. after all--as an alchemist,i'm doing a great service to my country.

but anyway... after we're paired off, they start calling us up...and we get more live target practice apparently--two on two. and god--these new alchemists have no idea what they're doing. they're talking upwards of five minutes--ten in some cases to get over their preconceptions and reservations on killing to get to work and END IT.

Flame and i exchange a few words while watching, namely on a strategy... and when we get up, we demand--not two adversaries--but FOUR. and we get them.


Flame distracts with a wall of fire--I rush in and start blasting shit, and he plays damage control and picks off what i can't get. we're a pretty decent team i'd love to see how frank and i act in the heat of battle

1700 HOURS
After Flame was done consoling StrongArm--who was just being a big moralistic WUSS about the whole thing, we were trucked back into town. and as we're walking back to the hotel, someone walks on by, talking about a party down at the Pritchard house. and i stop and think for a second. i know this area pretty well, you know? so i give it a bit more time and realize that i knew these people when i was a kid. and oddly enough, the parents were buddies with Flame's (apparently his family used to have a summer house down in Aerugo, and this city was a halfway point for them to stop and spend a night before traveling on)

so we decide to crash the party. that is--after getting food.

1800 HOURS
pizza, soda,and booze was obtained (wherein the pizza and soda were immediately devoured, so no one else could have any), and we left for said party...

teenagers. EVERYWHERE. this was no normal house party. this was a "my parents are out of town, so let's trash the place" party. but then again, who was i to refuse an open house? so we go one in and everyone is impressed by the great state alchemists (Flame got to be the living lighter--half the people there wanted him to light up their cigarettes)

but we sat around, ate their food, drank their liquor (myself less than Flame--i wanted to remember how the hell to get back to the hotel)and then came the kareoke.

now i've never boasted that i was much of a singer--but Flame and I ROCKED THE FUCKING HOUSE Frank--we should go sometime and find a place in the city that does kareoke. it's fun. so we dominated that for a few hours, playing on a 3 song/3 round setup. we left around 0120 hours, and passed out soon after we got back to the room.

DAY 3 1320 HOURS

okay, so we hauled ass out of bed and ran out to grab some late breakfast before leaving. got some pancakes and made Flame a blonde XD

it's never been so nice to be home...

Frank...give me three hours, and i'm going to rock your fucking world.

dually noted--it seems i forgot my cellphone at home. wtf...guess i'm just not used to carrying it around. i'll have to be more careful.

also, after i'm done rocking you like a hurricane work, we're going to the coffee shop, and we're playing jenga. non-negotiable. we're going, and you're going to like it.
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Zolf J. Kimbly
10 September 2006 @ 08:43 pm
oh yeah--almost forgot--


and i lied--you'll be blonde for at least two weeks