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Zolf J. Kimbly
09 September 2006 @ 07:03 am
0900 HOURS
Got picked up and joined a truckload of greenhorns and a few alchemists that look familiar (it seems not everyone responded to their summons--i heard a few from the Ishbalan war fled the whole goddamn country just so they wouldn't have to get caught up in a new war with Drachma. But due to that, they called in a bunch of new idiots who've never even DREAMED of seeing battle. this is going to be fun.

1600 HOURS
truck stopped and everyone was ordered out--seems we'd stopped a few miles outside of a town, down by a river. we're south--you can tell by how sandy the earth gets--we're close to home--i know it. but there were a decent amount of trees nearby, as well as a river. we were told that this was for a preliminary test--every alchemist was to show off his or her specialty--as our surroundings could be used as rough base material for transmutation. i didn't particularly care about their overblown pissing contest (if you're in the military, you should be battle-ready at a moments notice). so i was trying to strip down and get into the river when they called me over. some pompous-ass colonel demanded i show him what i could do--so i told him to fuck off.

then they shoved a prisoner at me. well, well...it seems those numbskulls had really come prepared... so i did what i do best; i blew the bastard up. needless to say, i was allowed into the water fairly quickly after that.

1645 HOURS
Flame showed up. no idea why he wasn't in the main convoy with the rest of us. oh well.

1830 HOURS
trucked back into town where we're going to spend the night. before everyone scattered, we were ordered to pair off what the fuck. i thought we ditched the "buddy system" after basic training!. well, with all the rumors and stories going around about me, the greenhorns immediately joined up with each other--as the vets did with each other as well--leaving only me and Flame left. charming.

1900 HOURS
dinner time. apparently, there's some kind of festival going on, so all of the restaurants are packed--leaving us with a 30 minute wait time. so Flame and I look around and snack a bit before dinner and look around at the vendors. some booth was set up for "henna", whatever the fuck that is. but Flame wanted some of the shit on his hand Xing hippie. so i had to sit around and amuse myself until he was done. but once it was done, i finally got to look at it...it was a pretty interesting design--it's supposed to stain for up to ten days after you put it on.

we were called into the restaurant before thirty minutes (at least the service is quick), and ordered soon after we were seated. i got some chicken and a beer, and he got some soup and water the pussy. We sat around and discussed the war while waiting for our food. he caught me people-watching and asked me about it. told him i was analyzing people--everyone if different, and depending how different, it can be easier or harder to detonate them. he asked me who i thought would be easiest, and i pointed to a guy across the room from us--a younger guy with a bandana on. Flame accused me of picking him because he was hot--i denied and explained why i picked him, but in the end, we both agreed he was pretty damn good looking.

on Flame's end of things, i mentioned air currents and how it might have been more difficult to create a spark in a room full of people--all expelling carbon dioxide. though, he did raise a good point by called out the bottles of liquor behind the bar and how easily they could se off a chain reaction and blow the whole place to hell. Mmm...it was a nice talk... but once we'd finished eating, we stuck the tab to the military, and we heard back outside.

1940 HOURS
back out at the carnival--i've still no idea why they're letting us wander around, but free time is free time. i love it. i got a shirt that says some derogatory things about the Fuhrer, and after another beer, Flame talked me into getting one of those henna things. i feel like a queer, but it looks cool, so i don't really care.

2000 HOURS
Stopped at a late-night coffee shop and bought absolutely nothing. the place reminded me of the coffee shop that frank took me too--it's pretty nice... we sat around and talked more, listening to other customers and a few of our own soldiers that had wandered in from the street. when we got bored, we started looking around the place, and found that they actually had games and stuff sitting around. i haven't seen a fucking monopoly board since i was eight.

so we played Jenga. it started off as a game of strategy; pick the easiest block to move, and get it to the top. then it started getting interesting.

chaos tower.

whenever we'd end a game, i'd insist we stack the next one as fast as possible, regardless of errors, and we'd play from there.

i haven't laughed this hard in years

2200 HOURS
finally got to see the inside of our hotel room--pretty shabby. but i've seen worse, so i'm not about to complain. we talked some more.

2400 HOURS
ozone and charcoal
sulfur and explosions

0200 HOURS

we'll work together
i've got your back

0400 HOURS

like spartans equals


they're trying to partner up all the alchemists in this war--thinking a two-pronged attack will be stronger than one. i agree.

0445 HOURS

hungry as fuck. ate some instant noodles. passed the fuck out.
Zolf J. Kimbly
09 September 2006 @ 10:05 pm

[EDIT] muh nuh muh nuh doot dooo do do doot XD!

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