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Zolf J. Kimbly
02 September 2006 @ 11:29 am
after last night's touchy-feely warm and fuzy moment on the couch, i'm ready to get back out into the world again. got some serious wanderlust.

i want to go back to the club, but i think i want to treat myself for not outright dying of sugar shock over some recent developments.

so i need to treat myself...

maybe buy myself lunch somewhere. maybe a pair of leather pants....yeah. slut pants...i'm gonna need a pair of those.

oh well. i'm hungry. be back later.
Zolf J. Kimbly
02 September 2006 @ 12:45 pm
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“hey. this is kimbly. guess who got a cellphone?

well,yeah me of course. *laughes*

oh this is going to be fun. yeah i had to pull some strings--mostly just asking for an advance on my next paycheck. but hey,but look--new toy to play with.

oh yeah, bought my pants. god i look good. frank, you're going to love them. *laughes*

yeah...you idiots have fun,okay? bye.”

Transcribed by: thriftstoresuit
Zolf J. Kimbly
02 September 2006 @ 06:25 pm
frank, i'm not waiting up on you. it's still early, but i'm bored as hell. i'm going to grab a sandwich or something before the shops close up, and then go to the club.

if you want to come, then head on over. if you don't, call me on my cellphone. either way--if you go anywhere tonight, bring an umbrella.it looks like rain again.
Zolf J. Kimbly
02 September 2006 @ 10:07 pm
so frank finally showed up at the club right?

good-fucking-GOD. that man had NO IDEA how to dance. it was funny as hell for the first five minutes--then i had to teach him... wasn't necessarily a bad thing... had to get close--the place was packed. told you people before--once he gets moving, those hips are ENTRANCING.

after a while,he complained of being hot.

so i stole his shirt. then he bitched,so i gave him mine. i'll have to say--it was flattering the way his eyes were locked on me...

but when i got tired of dancing,i went to the bar to pick up a few drinks for us. needless to say,i got distracted when i found mustang up there. WHY he was,i've no idea. but before i could harass molest talk to him, some guy a few seats down starting making a fuss about "the truth" and "the innocents" and how the secrecy would kill him before "they" did. drunken weirdo. i think he got kicked out.

mustang must have slipped out sometime during the guy's rant, because when i turned around,he was gone. oh well. no big loss.

though thinking about him got me a little frisky. took it out on frank in the bathroom--pretty sure he enjoyed it. good for him.

was a bit more relaxed after that and danced until frank started bitching that he was miserable and wanted to go home. fine. whatever.

so we go home, but like the mother-hen he is--he made me stand under the umbrella with him. meh.

but now it's late and i'm home and...

Zolf J. Kimbly
02 September 2006 @ 10:25 pm
i waited on him. i checked my fucking journal at least three times before finding his comments. why the hell should i care if he's here or not?

i guess... it's because he's the 'superior officer'. the nicer i am, the nicer he is and...

goddamnit. that's not it at all.

ever since i joined the military, people have feared me for my power--for the very destruction that waits within the palms of my hands. he doesn't fear me in the least...

human beings are made up of elements, and are worth nothing more than the useless price the drugstores charge for them.

so why did i wait? people fear me...yet he stands steadfast and puts himself above me. he has no right. he can't be above me. he's... he's nothing.

why did i wait?

we danced. it shouldn't be different from doing it with anyone else. but he stumbled and glared and tried. anyone else would have called it endearing or cute.

but it's not.

i stole his shirt right off his back--wanted to show i could havea little power over him--eve if not much. i wanted to strip him down and show the world that i was the only one who could get away with it. but when he asked, i gave him my shirt.

we danced. for a second out there on the floor... we were in sync with each other. i knew him and he knew me. but the bastard just had to complain and break the moment.

so i stormed off to get drinks. it would have been nice to get drunk, but with greed on his way, i can't afford to make that mistake. i met mustang at the bar. i wanted to jump him. i wanted to take him aside and fuck him so hard that he wouldn't even be able to THINK about walking. for once i didn't want to fuck him to make him remember. i wanted to fuck him so i could forget.

i was interrupted before i could lay a hand on him. a drunkard was raving on about "the truth" and "the innocents". The bastard was scared for his life--he was shaking in his seat. he was dressed like he'd come from work or something... i SWEAR i've seen clothes like that somewhere...

they kicked him out. i bet he's dead now.

i took frank back into the bathrooms and into a stall. i shoved him up against a wall and fucked him. dominance, goddamnit. the man refuses to acknowlege it.


i liked it in there, in the club. but when he said he wanted to go home, i shrugged, feigned indifference, and followed. it was still raining.

it's refreshing--the rain. it feels good. cleansing--like it could wash off all this fucking confusion. he called me back under the umbrella. i went.

our shoulders bumped as we walked--both huddled under that goddamn umbrella--he dressed my in shirt.

it was not comforting.

i didn't like it.

i can't.

he went to bed, but i'm still here. i can't get to sleep.


why did i wait?